Whether introduced by early explorers or exploding from the well-tended gardens of the suburbs, invasive plants have created a foothold that they are unlikely to surrender any time soon. As they change the environment in which they now thrive, they are labeled as aggressive, invasive, or noxious. Some of the plants can quickly wipe out acres of other native plants or cultivated crops while others move slowly through riparian areas. Though we assign them traits based on their ability to wreak havoc on an ecosystem, many of these plants appear as beautiful flowers, trees, and grasses to the untrained eye. They can be spectacular when blanketing a forest floor or spreading color across open fields and hillsides. These are all original photographs taken from the environments where these plants have taken root. Each photo is then digitally “painted” using Adobe Photoshop. Each 16 x 24 or 24 x 16 is printed on water color paper. There are 20 prints per edition.